The clothes dryer is an appliance that most people don’t think about. However, each load of laundry that passes through your washing machine and makes its way to your clothes dryer contains lint—mostly small particles of cloth and fiber that are loosened from clothing by the action of agitating water.

Many people mistakenly think that simply cleaning the removable lint filter in your dryer is the only thing they they have to worry about. Think again, since lint that passes beyond the filter gets trapped in crevices deep inside the lint filter trap and all along the dryer vent hose or duct as it makes its way to the outside vent opening. This can create a danger of fire, and the U.S. Fire Administration reports that every year more than 2,900 home fires are started by clothes dryers. The leading cause of these fires? Lint.

Some of the warning signs that dangerous lint buildup could be in your dryer are:

  • Clothes take longer to dry or don’t dry fully
  • Clothes are hotter than normal at the end of the drying cycle
  • Outside of the dryer gets very hot
  • Outside exhaust vent flapper does not open very much, indicating low exhaust velocity
  • Laundry room becomes more humid than usual
  • Burnt smell is evident in the laundry room

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