Before you read the next sentence, take a minute to really look at your carpet. We’re willing to bet you’re seeing discolored areas, stains that never quite came out, and a faded overall color that looks nowhere near as good as it used to. Pet accidents, kid mayhem, coffee, wine, and life in general all conspire against your carpeting to keep it from looking its best.

We know that keeping your carpets clean can be difficult, especially if you’ve got children or pets. But don’t make the mistake that many do and pay to have new carpet installed. Try a professional cleaning instead! Since 2016, Heinen’s Carpet & Tile Cleaning has removed stains and restored carpet back to its original look and feel, saving our customers hundreds of dollars. No matter how ground in the dirt is in your carpet, we have the equipment and the expertise to tackle it. We specialize in pet stain and odor removal by using the safest solutions leaving no damage to your carpets and giving you the best results possible.

Add to that our commitment to top-shelf customer service. Need us to move furniture in order to clean hard-to-reach areas? No problem! Need us to take steps to prevent carpet staining and keep your furniture from getting wet? We can do that. With years of experience and a commitment to delivering excellence, there’s nobody better here in Sealy. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today.